Custom Outline Workbooks

Cynful Monarch

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I get it, sometimes outlining can be difficult. Sometimes, coming up with an airtight storyline can be taxing. Don't worry, though. Cynful Monarch has you covered!

These outline workbooks will make your writing experience much more seamless! The outline document will be a Word Doc, so you can edit it to your liking and create your own notes as needed.

Whether you want to create a novella, a full-length novel, or a series, I got you covered! I can outline any genre aside from nonfiction - fiction manuscripts only!

After purchase, please email me any ideas or notes you have about your novel. Any details will help! Character names, settings, plot twist ideas... etc. If you don't have many ideas, that is okay, too! Just let me know how much creative control you want me to have, and we will go from there! I will produce a full, organized, and cohesive outline within 8 weeks from the time the first email is sent. Outlines take time, so be patient with me! 

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