Friends Can Break Your Heart Too Pre-Made Outline (COVER INCLUDED)

Cynful Monarch

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Urban Fiction/Urban Romance/Street Lit

Book Description:

*Domestic abuse
*Sexual abuse

Ebony and Ayana have a bond that surpasses blood. Raised together in foster care, they've relied on each other to navigate through life.

Ebony, a survivor of abuse, finds solace in sticking to herself and keeping her head down. Ayana is the only person she trusts, but her world shifts when she meets Dion, a smooth man who seems to have a soft spot for her. He is an up-and-coming kingpin, and he wants nothing more than to take care of Ebony.

Ayana, on the other hand, becomes entangled with Tony, Dion’s right-hand man, and the two couple’s bonds of friendship begin to strain under the weight of jealousy and greed.

Caught between desire, greed, jealousy, and ambition, Ebony and Ayana are faced with the harsh realities of their choices. Will their friendship withstand the trials of love and betrayal, or will the allure of power tear them apart?

Book Information:

Standalone (with the potential for a spin off!)

Prologue - 25 chapters – epilogue - 3.5k words each = 94,500 words

After Purchase:

Once you make the purchase, you will be sent a Word Doc/PDF with the full outline complete with character bibles, scene-by-scene breakdown, and more!

COVER IS INCLUDED WITH THIS PURCHASE. You can change the title and update the author name as you see fit. Email: with cover information.

If you would like to host a giveaway for this cover instead of use it for yourself, that is completely fine as well! Just let me know, and I can facilitate that.

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