Velvet Kisses Pre-Made Outline (cover NOT included)

Cynful Monarch

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Contemporary Romance

Book Description:

“Velvet Kisses” dives into the competitive world of beauty where ambition is everything. For [Female Lead], launching her own lipstick line is more than a dream—it's her ticket to success. When she secures guidance from the influential but notoriously mean-spirited beauty icon [antagonist], she sees it as a golden opportunity.

But as [Female Lead] delves deeper into the beauty industry, she discovers cracks beneath the surface glamour. [Antagonist]'s seemingly perfect life is marred by infidelity, and [Female Lead] finds herself drawn to [Influencer]'s kind-hearted boyfriend, [Male Lead].

As [Female Lead] and [Male Lead] grow closer, their bond threatens to unravel [Influencer]'s carefully crafted facade. [Female Lead] discovers that in the world of beauty, nothing is as it seems.

Book Information:

25 chapters - Epilogue - around 2.5k each = 65,000

After Purchase:

Once you make the purchase, you will be sent a Word Doc with the full outline complete with character bibles, scene-by-scene breakdown, and more!

If you would like to purchase the cover as shown, please contact: after purchase of the outline. In the body of the email, please include the title of the cover as shown here, any changes to the title, and the author name. Please note - Iesha Bree will confirm with me that you are the purchaser of the outline, since this cover is exclusive to this outline. Please email Iesha for pricing of the cover. Prices will vary and can be anywhere from $50-$100

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