Baby, it's Cold Outside

Cynful Monarch

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Jade Lawrence has picked the unluckiest of hands and now she’s dealing with the cards she was dealt. After escaping an abusive relationship, Jade is struggling as she tries to find a home and a job. Never in a million years did she think she’d finally get a lucky card, but she did, and his name is Noah. Noah Bennett is the CEO of his architecture firm Bennett & Co. Accustomed to working all the time, Noah enjoys the single life because he finds it hard to trust a woman, but after hosting a charity dinner for the homeless and meeting Jade, his perspective changes.In this romance novel, Jade and Noah are drawn to each other and struggle to make it over obstacles their vastly different lives have created. All the women want what Noah gives to Jade, and one man wants exactly what Jade gives to Noah. Will their love survive? Find out in Baby, it’s Cold Outside.

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