Bosses Link Up: The Deadly Divas

Cynful Monarch

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Two women, two separate bloodlines, one thing in common. Killing is in their blood. They each do it well and they do it for one thing only, money, but when their paths cross on a botched job, they start gunning for each other, literally.

Zuri is a hardcore Latina who is new to New York, but not to the killing game. She's lethal and ready to tear the city apart. When she realizes someone else is already in her line of business, she gladly accepts a job to take the competition out.

Nova is just as deadly and has New York on lock. She reigns as queen, so when a newcomer shows up and tries to infringe on her territory she's ecstatic when an opportunity presents itself to take her rival out.

Soon, the deadly divas realize there is a bigger plan at work, one that is dangerous for everyone involved. They quickly realize it is better to keep your enemies close, so they team up to take out their mutual threat. Together, they flood the streets of New York with blood, but their enemy is always one step ahead of them. Will Zuri and Nova make it out of this deadly tale alive? Or have they finally met their match?

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