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Do you have a storyline you want to bring to life? Let me help you!

I require half up front for this service, but you can choose to make the full payment all up front if you would like. Once the deposit or full payment is paid, I will set up a Zoom meeting to go over your storyline and set timeline dates as well as weekly check-ins. We can also discuss the other half of the payment schedule which can be one final payment or split up into multiple. 

I will then send a contract to be signed by both parties based on what was discussed in the first meeting after the outline is completed, the timeline is confirmed, and the payment schedule is set. 

 The second half of the payment is due before I send the completed manuscript, and we will discuss when that payment(s) will be set up.

This option does not include editing or typesetting. Even as an editor, I don't edit as I type. I write the story first and then go back to edit, so this finished project will not be edited, but it will be an easy edit for whatever editor you find for the project, I guarantee that!

Turnaround times depend on word count:

20k or less: 3 weeks

20k-25k: 4 weeks

26K-30k: 5 weeks

31k-35k - 6 weeks

36k-40k - 7 weeks

41k-45k - 2 months

46k-50k - 9 weeks

51k-55k - 10 weeks

56k - 60k - 11 weeks

61k - 65k - 3 months

66k - 70k - 13 weeks

71k - 75k - 14 weeks

76k-80k - 15 weeks

81k-85k - 4 months

86k-90k - 17 weeks

91k-95k - 18 weeks

96k-100k - 19 weeks

A contract will need to be signed before the project is started, and turnaround times will be agreed upon in the first meeting.

I will reach out with an email upon receiving the deposit. 

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