Liable to F*ck Ya Life Up Pre-Made Outline (COVER INCLUDED)

Cynful Monarch

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Urban Fiction

Book Description:

*Domestic abuse

FL has always played by her own rules. She’s learned that trust is a luxury she can’t afford. Using her beauty and brains, FL seduces wealthy men, takes everything they have, and leaves them in the dust. Love is just a game, and she always wins.

But when she meets the antagonist, a smooth-talking con artist, FL feels an unexpected crack in her hard exterior. The antagonist plays the same ruthless game she does, and their chemistry is undeniable. For the first time, FL wonders if she might be capable of something more than just manipulation and deceit.

However, her guarded heart quickly detects a dangerous side to the antagonist. As His charm switches to possessiveness and abuse, threatening to trap FL in a situation she can’t control. Refusing to be anyone's victim, FL decides it’s time for payback.

"Liable to F*ck Ya Life Up" is a story of the unbreakable spirit of a woman who refuses to be defeated.

Book Information:

Standalone (with HIGH potential for a sequel!) - I can do a custom outline for this if you choose!

Prologue - 14 chapters – epilogue - 2.5k words each = 40,00 words

After Purchase:

Once you make the purchase, you will be sent a Word Doc/PDF with the full outline complete with character bibles, scene-by-scene breakdown, and more!

COVER IS INCLUDED WITH THIS PURCHASE. You can change the title and update the author name as you see fit. Email: with cover information.

If you would like to host a giveaway for this cover instead of use it for yourself, that is completely fine as well! Just let me know, and I can facilitate that.

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