Rebel & Her Beast: Urban Fairytale Series #4

Cynful Monarch

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It’s only been eight months since the shoot-out and in their own ways, everyone is trying to cope with the loss. But nobody is going through it more than Rebel. As if things couldn’t get worse, on a trip that’s supposed to be strictly fun, Rebel discovers that her father is being held against his will. The best lawyer in the state, his services are needed but Rebel gets the kidnapper to agree to let her take his place.

Maddey is the boss and always has been so when Rebel comes in trying to switch things up, it throws him for a loop. But he also needs to beat this case. Everything is on the line. He always stays prepared and ready for anything, so he’s thrown off guard when he realizes he’s falling completely in love with Rebel, whose kind spirit he adores. But that relationship won’t come easy. Rebel’s past demons and Maddey’s explosive temper could be the end of everything they’ve worked so hard for.
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