The Married Woman

Cynful Monarch

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Keith Lincoln and his wife, Delilah, seem to be the ultimate married couple on the outside looking in. However, Delilah isn’t one hundred perfect satisfied. She craves passion and attention. As a beautiful model, Delilah comes in contact with a lot of people, and when she lands the job of a lifetime with a prestigious fashion designer, she jumps at the opportunity. 

Quinton Butler is the type of man that causes women to drool when he walks past them. As a male model, he oozes sex appeal, and when he lands a job with Ava Mills for her fashion show, Quinton knows he’s hit the jackpot that will finally get his name out there. When Ava Mills insists that the only two models in the show, Quinton and Delilah, get to know each other, there isn’t anything that could go wrong, right? 

Despite Delilah’s relationship status, their feelings for each other deepen as they spend time together. Delilah finds herself in an impossible situation, and when everything comes to a head, Delilah has the impossible task of not breaking anyone’s heart.

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